The Corporate Survival Guide

As some people know, I’m writing a book called The Great Corporate Escape and I’ve now had all of the copies back from my beta-readers. I’d like to thank those people now for their amazing generosity and knowledge. They have consistently highlighted key areas of the book that I need to change.

The importance of this external feedback before you self-publish is essential. You really cannot see the wood for the trees, or the words for the sentences, when you have spent that long on a project. However, one interesting idea that I’ve had after being influenced by these reviews is the potential for a spin off.

It’s ended up as a novel about a chap called Ben Jenkins that is completely uninspired with his corporate career and prepares himself to break out. But during the writing of it I was still unclear of whether it would be a pure novel or offer advice along the way about the corporate life. So, there are passages that take the reader away from the story and talk generally about certain situations that appear in that world.

All of the beta-readers have said that these detract from the main story and I can completely see that now, but they’re not bad little nuggets of wisdom and observational stuff in their own right. So, The Corporate Survival Guide is born.

It will be a spin off eBook that could be given away for free when someone buys the novel perhaps, and attached to the blog as a free download for subscribing etc. Something else to exist that connects to one of the novels yet perfectly exists in it’s own right too.

I suppose if a writer is now meant to be an entrepreneur then he or she must find ways of marketing that are unique and specialist to their niche. This fits the bill and I’m happy that I don’t have to turn my 2nd draft into the Killing Fields and take out large chunks of content just to throw them in the bin.

I would never have thought of this idea if I hadn’t of put my book through the beta-reader stage and I’m now so glad that I did. Apart from the other important notes that they have all made regarding the rest of the story, I guess occasionally you will discover a gem of an idea that remains hidden until fresh eyes look at it.

I now have a third re-write on my hands and another mammoth task awaits.

Have you ever done anything like this before with a free eBook spin off idea? I’m interested to know how it works.


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