Photos of Inspirational Writing Sheds

I love the idea of a writing idyll. A hideaway where you can disappear from the distractions of the real world and absorb yourself in a world of your own construct. I am sure this comes from an ingrained feeling of wanting to constantly escape, and probably most writers have this same urge.

It would be heavenly to have a space that is so seemingly undesirable that it does not attract any external influence, but once inside you could fill every nook and cranny with ideas from your mind. It is private and secluded, a place with no fear of failure or rejection. If a book is like having a child, then a writing shed offers the womb-like environment that it needs to develop. As an embryo pulls on only the internal resources of the mother, a book needs only the author to be created.

I have shown Dylan Thomas’ boat house (pictured above) and Roald Dahl’s garden shed in this post, but here are some more that could possibly whet your appetite like they have with mine.

Vita Sackville-West’s Writing Tower at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent

George Bernard Shaw’s Rotating Hut in Ireland. Nicknamed ‘London’ so that if anyone came for him they could say he wasn’t available, he was in ‘London’. It rotated to stay in the sun at all times.

Mark Twain’s Cabin

Henry David Thoreau’s Woodland Hut in Massachusetts

Virginia Woolf’s Writing Hut in Sussex


8 responses to “Photos of Inspirational Writing Sheds

  1. I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing a lot this week, thanks to other blog posts on the subject – all of these look wonderful, I hope I’ll be able to have something of this kind later in life!

  2. If only I could claim one…

  3. Try your garage…………………after all, who keeps cars in them?

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