Isle of Wight Literary Festival Preview

To my dedicated readers, those who think I live somewhere in the time/space continuum, you are wrong. I’m actually a normal human like you and live in a real place – Cowes on the Isle of Wight. If you do not know it already, it’s a small island about 20 miles across by 15 miles down, located off the middle of the south coast of the UK.

It has a surprising literary history with famous authors like Charles Dickens and Lord Tennyson penning some favourites upon the shores. What is even more surprising, given the local trend for putting on festivals, is that they have never had a literary festival until this year. It kicks off on Friday.

There are about fifty authors appearing in some form or another over a weekend, each giving a 45 -60 mins seminar, or reading from their own work. As it’s taking place only a drunken stagger from my front door, it would be rude if I did not attend. They have not asked me to take part this year, a slight that I can handle given that even my own wife doesn’t know what I write yet, but there are many other interesting talks taking place.

Here is a preview of some of the highlights I’m looking forward to…

Is the printed word dying?

A discussion right up my alley. It’s all about the eBook revolution and the opinions of a traditional publisher, an epublisher, an agent, and a Kindle author. I’m looking forward to hearing this debate very much.

New media workshop

The epublisher from above, and an author himself (Jason Goodwin), discusses in more detail how he set up his own publishing company to publish his own books digitally.

How low can you go?

This is a discussion with four crime writers about any taboos that still exist within the crime genre. Is anything off-limits?

Give us five

Helen Simpson discusses the nuances of writing short stories and how she has made a career out of the art form.

Calling Time

Claudia Hammond discusses the perception of time. Why do some people seem to have more hours in the day? She has written a scientific study into our perception of this all-governing force, and perhaps how we can use it to our advantage.

Writing what you know

Two authors; Raffaella Barker and Andrew Lucas discuss the advantages of writing about subject matters, or locations, that you already know well.

Mick Jagger – The Inside Track

Philip Norman is Mick Jagger’s biographer. He promises to spill the beans about rock n roll debauchery and the life as a Rolling Stone.

There are many other sessions available but these will be the ones I look forward to. It starts on Friday and I will take copious notes so that I can write about them here next week.


One response to “Isle of Wight Literary Festival Preview

  1. Good. Look forward to it. (I think?) Not quite Hay-on-Wye yet but everything has to start somewhere. Here in the Emerald, an island of the west cost of Wales, we have literary festivals just about everywhere….probably to do with the fact that artists of all kinds pay no tax so we have a lot of them!
    Er…………..Cowes, an island off the south coast? I think that should read Isle of Wight, off the south coast? But what do I know, maybe everything’s moved since I left the area?
    News……..bought a Kindle Fire ready to join the e-book world! So get publishing!

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