Isle of Wight Literary Festival Short Story Entry

Please could you read this and let me know if you enjoyed it; it’s only short. (I guess that’s why they call it a short story) This is a new thing for me but something that I want to do more of. I think a short story is the same for a writer as a professional footballer dribbling around some cones.

The rules for the Isle of Wight Literary Festival competition are pretty loose. It must be no more than 300 words long and start with the phrase, “The weekend didn’t turn out as I expected…”

So, here goes…

THE WEEKEND DIDN’T TURN OUT AS I EXPECTED, but then again what ever does? I should have listened to the Gods. The signs were there; in hindsight I can see them all. Never though are the eyes as blind as when a girl emerges to cloud one’s vision.

I first met her a week before while she was visiting a friend at University. Sitting on a romantic bench in a romantic park, she appeared like the falling blossom. I felt as though I had been there before.

Perhaps it was fate.

A chorus of angels accompanied her words and, although it doesn’t matter now, I convinced myself to leave friends and family and follow her, to be with her, across The Solent.

Did I expect to be welcomed with a smile as warm and welcoming as an open fire on a frosty day? I dared not believe in such a fairytale ending but maybe this was the one. The marina lights sparkled as I arrived in Cowes, my senses already primed for something magical. I would find my sweetheart tomorrow and so, for the last time, I dreamt of hope not stemming from tragedy.

The next day, alone in the world, I knew instinctively where she would be, and allowed the thought of her embrace to pull me into the sanctuary of our new life together. I would not need the doubters that I had so easily cast aside on the mainland. The two of us would conquer all.

But with the setting of the sun, the light disappeared from my soul forever. I finally discovered the beautiful long hair that I yearned for, only to then be cursed with the haunting image of him returning the wig to his head.

I thought it was Toni with an ‘i’.


5 responses to “Isle of Wight Literary Festival Short Story Entry

  1. Well done, I had the same idea, but still feel that I can’t think short enough for short story writing. But yours is ideal. The whole story is there – and short. The only questions were: I had trouble understanding the importance of mentioning God(s) (pardon me, please). A couple of things were over my head, such as Solent and Band of Angels. Overall, it paced beautifully and your use of imagery was fitting.

    • Thanks for the comments. The mentioning of the gods isn’t something that is important and having looked at it again, you’re probably right. It’s such a poignant word that it could mislead people. It’s certainly not something that’s important to me.



  2. Can u send me your email address so I can mail you.

  3. Lovely twist.

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