What To Do About The 4 Excuses For Why You’re Staying In Your Toxic Job?

We’ve all had jobs that we hate for some reason or another, and we all know the gut-feeling that tells us that we’d be better off somewhere else. There are so many people working in toxic jobs that actually have a negative impact on the rest of their lives and yet, they still don’t do anything about it.

There are 4 groups of excuses that we tell ourselves in order to remain in these dead end jobs, and excuses is exactly what they are. They’re just nuggets of negative self-talk that we allow ourselves  to believe so that we can justify why we don’t leave. They’re so ingrained in our culture that it’s sometimes harder to not believe them. Here they are…


Have you ever heard yourself saying,”Oh, it’ll get better soon, give it time,” or “If I keep my head down and do a good job, I’ll be rewarded soon.” There will come a time when you notice that you’ve actually been saying this to yourself for ten years, now is that something that you want to imagine for your future self.

Life is all about the NOW. Everything that has ever happened and ever will happen matters NOW. We don’t know a million things about what is going to happen later, so all we can ever do is make decisions on the NOW. If your job is turd now, and has been for a while, then do something about it NOW.

Quitting concerns

We’re conditioned in to thinking that quitting’s bad and we allow ourselves to stay in certain situations because getting out of them is almost deemed to be a failure. We look at these decisions as though someone wins and someone loses, a bully boss maybe gets the upper hand, but it’s not like that at all. Who cares what your boss thinks of you leaving, you won’t see him again?

Any good poker player will explain that the hardest part of the game is knowing when to fold. How about when you’ve invested so many years, or so much effort, just to let it all go. But let it go you must, if you want to be happy in the future.

The fear of what you’ll lose

We worry ourselves in to staying in jobs because we don’t believe we will ever be rewarded in the same way ever again. As if it were impossible for a person to get another job that pays the same salary and level of benefits as the crap job they have at the time, where they’re probably under appreciated.

All of this is just fear for the unknown. With every change comes a certain leap of faith. You have to have enough self-belief to trust that you can make it somewhere else because there’s no reason why you can’t.


You know when you’re in that place of just being miserable and whinging about everything. Well this is often brought on by being in a bad situation at the time. You see everything in the same way that you view your current life.

The thing is that this will change when you make the change. There is no situation that will be as bad as your current situation if you’re not happy.

The important lesson for all of these excuses is to be in control of your life. Don’t just sit still and wait for things to get better because more often than not, they won’t. Start noticing when you use these excuses on yourself and every time deliberately reframe them into positive opportunities.

Have you ever heard yourself using these excuses in the past?


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