5 Reasons Why I’m Happy that Schools Back

I’m so relieved that the kids have gone back to school this morning. It’s been great while it lasted but if I wanted to spend every single waking moment with my children then we would have joined a commune. I think it’s important for a family to have their own space however close they are.

Apart from the obvious flaw that I’m not a childcare professional and my Dad of the Year Award tends to take a nosedive over elongated periods of time, there are also a number of other reasons why I’m looking forward to resuming the status quo.

1. Implement my routine

As I spoke about in this post, I have designed a working routine that I want to stick to in order to be as productive and prolific as possible.  This has been impossible during the school holidays and so I’ve found myself wedging work into whichever time slot is available.

2. Final edit of ‘The Great Corporate Escape’

I have now received three lots of feedback from my 2nd draft and awaiting a further two, all from my beta-readers. The comments so far have been good yet challenging, and I can see that there is still a fair amount of work necessary to finish the book to the standard I’d like.

3. 2nd Draft of Plaster Scene

This was the first book I wrote but it has been overtaken by the Escape book in terms of completeness. My priority is to get this book to a stage where it can be sent to Beta-Readers for feedback, and free up time to concentrate again on finishing the Escape book.

It’s my aim to publish both of these novels before Christmas.

4. Overview of ‘Change’

I also intend to write a non-fiction, self-help book about the path I have followed in changing my life. I want this to be a practical, step-by-step guide that will help others to make the same change. I’m a year in to my new life now and have not regretted it for a moment; I would love to show others how I did it.

I want to create an overview of this book before Christmas as a minimum.

5. No distraction

There is nothing that destroys creativity more than distraction. I feel that it takes me an hour just to get in to the rhythm of things, and this is a luxury that I have not had in six weeks.

I am a year in to my new life and still learning the ropes. Apart from the writing that is gradually improving, I am also getting used to how I can mange my time. Next year I will be more aware of the summer holidays and plan in a more reduced schedule for these weeks. Hopefully I can avoid some of the frustration that I have felt this summer.

The first day back at school gives relief to loads of parents out there, so why are you happy that it’s back on?


2 responses to “5 Reasons Why I’m Happy that Schools Back

  1. Hi, I’m doing my usual late night reading! In relation to your thoughts on a self help book, wondered if you’d read Kasey Edward’s “30 something and over it “. More autobiographical than self help, but a fun read and it was great at the time for me to know I wasn’t alone in thinking what I was thinking. M

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