What Sort of Thing Inspires Me?

“Inspiration and genius – one and the same” – Victor Hugo

The subject of inspiration is about as elusive to me as it is to anyone. You don’t really know what it will take to feel inspired, but then you do something insignificant, and all of a sudden you’re inspired.

I know that nothing of any note will happen without inspiration, and especially if you’re creative, you might as well just do something else until that wave comes around. The idea; the seed; the magic; the stuff; the direction; the purpose; the breakthrough; the discovery; the awakening; the enlightenment; the answer; the secret; the eureka moment; the genius; the truth; all of these come from inspiration.

The Mystery of Inspiration

Inspiration makes it all happen, it’s this weird force that comes from nowhere and is responsible for everything that you see around you. Nothing at all would have been created, built, thought of, without it. So, why is something that important not being researched heavily with Government funding coming out of its ears?

Well, the mystery of inspiration is that the closer you look for it the further away it gets. If you deliberately say to yourself, “I’m going to go get myself inspired,” the chances are that you probably won’t, and you definitely won’t by using the exact method you deployed. Happy accidents are often blamed for inspiration, when something happens that wasn’t expected and this results in opening up a whole new corridor of openings to pursue.

Things That Inspire Me

Having said all of that, I’m going to attempt to give you an idea of the sort of things that inspire me, even though they don’t, if forced.

  1. Myths
  2. Fables
  3. Characters
  4. Stories in general
  5. Art
  6. History
  7. Technology
  8. Music
  9. Musicians
  10. Authors
  11. Leaders
  12. Films
  13. Documentaries
  14. Listening to someone
  15. Speaking to someone
  16. Travelling
  17. Meditation
  18. Day-dreaming
  19. Cool People
  20. Successful People
  21. Non-fiction books
  23. Great Sport
  24. Fundraising
  25. Fitness
  26. Groups of like-minded people
  27. Nature
  28. The Sea
  29. Places of hush
  30. Friends
  31. Family
  32. Deadlines
  33. Blogs
  34. Out of my comfort zone
  35. Happiness
  36. Playing guitar
  37. Going to sleep
  38. Eating great food
  39. Being in the moment
  40. Writing

You can tell from this list that it’s pretty much anything in my life. I can think of examples for each one of these, but it’s like saying, “what were you doing when you had that great idea?” You could have been scratching your arse, so does that inspire me?

I think I have concluded that all though you can be inspired by great music, great people, great expressions of creativity; you can also be inspired by opening a can of beans. So, let’s not get too worked up about the mystical force of inspiration, and let’s just be grateful when it comes.

Are you maybe a bit more aware of something that always hits the spot for you?


What d'you think?

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