Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Job

In a time where jobs and careers have never been more uncertain; the pressure to stay in a job just because it pays the bills is very high. However, there are still some incredibly important reasons why leaving your job is the best thing for you to do.

Looking out for the signs and acting on them, could very well save your life, or maybe not that dramatic but at least it could make your life better. So, here goes, this is my Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Job.

  1. The Company’s going downhill
  2. The relationship with your manager has gone sour
  3. You’re life situation has changed
  4. Your values are at odds with the corporate culture
  5. You’ve stopped enjoying your job
  6. Your ethics don’t agree with other key employees
  7. You’ve ruined your reputation
  8. You’ve fallen out irreparably with colleagues
  9. Your stress levels are way too high, and effecting your health
  10. You need more of a challenge, you’re unfulfilled
  11. You’re not doing what your best at
  12. You don’t feel passionate about it
  13. You’re not getting enough money
  14. You’re not being respected
  15. The economy has meant that you’re job’s not safe anymore
  16. Loyalty is now something that has joined the ranks of Chivalry and Chastity
  17. You’ve had no discussion around career development
  18. You feel stuck in a rut
  19. You fear for your life when you’re there
  20. You start to cry when you can see the gates

Any of these are bad, some more bearable than others, but if more than a handful of these resonate with you… then guess what…?

What d'you think?

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