Tom Daley’s Secret to Success

I was watching an interview with Tom Daley the other day on the television, and he said something that I found inspirational. It really brought home to me the power of visualisation, and The Secret to success.

Now this boy, Daley, is only just 18, but still, he has absolutely nailed it. You get some people like that in life, who just naturally know what to do. The thing that made me take notice was that he had drawn a picture of himself when he was nine. No strange thing, in fact it was extremely ordinary if I was to be an art critic, but it was amazing what he had drawn himself doing.

It was a picture of himself doing a handstand on the edge of a diving board, preparing to dive, with London 2012 written down the sides. This picture was drawn before London even knew they were going to have the Olympic Games. He drew this when he was nine, and when he was eighteen he was doing a handstand in the Olympic Games Diving Final in London.

You could put this down to coincidence, but we all know differently. This is an example of laser-sighted focus to life. For nine years he concentrated all of his energies in achieving his dream, he had clearly visualised it and even had a physical picture of what it would look like.


I read The Secret years ago, which effectively discusses the Law of Attraction and the ability to create your own world by bringing it into your mind first. I have used this technique with my own life, and have successfully changed from an accountant into a writer. Visualisation has been a big part of how I’ve achieved that.

I don’t mean this in any hippy, trippy way. It’s very simple really. If you concentrate on what you want then you will get more of that in your life, but this alone will not do it. You have to put the energy in to it as well, to make it happen.


Returning to the Tom Daley story; Tom would have put nine years worth, of training every single day, into achieving his dream. This is a level of commitment that very few people even get close to. Olympic athletes know the meaning of commitment, discipline, self-sacrifice, and desire. In order to achieve the highest of standards you have to be prepared to put in the energy to get there.

The visualisation helps you to ensure that you’re only spending your limited energy on the very thing that you want more than anything else. We all have 100% of our energy, and most of us are lucky enough to choose how we spend it, and that’s where most of us go wrong. We spend 5% here, 5% there, 5% on that idea, and 5% on what we’re supposed to do etc. etc. until we’ve used up all of our energy on not a lot in particular.

But what if we all had a picture of us on that diving board to keep referring back to when tangents appeared. It’s that level of focus that all successful people have, and others just don’t. Tom Daley is a naturally focused kind of a guy; not only did he get an Olympic bronze medal but in the same year he also achieved, three A’s in his A-Levels, learned to drive, and all in a year where sadly his Dad passed away.

Tom Daley is one of life’s successful people, and even though he is still only eighteen, he will go on to bigger and better things because of his ability to focus. Interestingly, his visualisation was only to be in the Olympic Games Diving Final, not to win it. What would have happened if his picture had been of him stood in the middle of the podium with a gold medal round his neck instead? Just thinking.

What’s the best personal example you have of something that you’ve visualised coming into your life?


What d'you think?

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