I Hate My Job, But I’ll Do Something About It Next Year

Have you ever heard yourself saying that? And what’s more I bet that everyone around you says something similar as well. We all know what we don’t want in life, and some of us even know what we do want in life, but to then do something about it often alludes us.

Right now, job dissatisfaction rates are up near 80% so it’s perfectly normal to feel a little piqued at work. But in order to leave your job and embark on a new adventure, you must first overcome a fair few hurdles.


We are all conditioned to work. It starts at school; with the school day resembling a work day, responding to bells that indicate beginning and ending a task, and the basic rules of authority.

As we get in to work we are infrequently rewarded for jobs well done, and like lab rats we continue to turn the wheel out of hope for another treat. All of this conditions us to stick with our lot, and keep plodding on.


The fear of the unknown can be totally debilitating for some, and as most people are risk adverse anyway, the decision to stay with what you know often rules the day.

An interesting theory claims that in this modern age with social media etc., the decision to take a risk is now even harder because others will know about failure so much quicker. This could be true, and often the fear of failure is the very thing which prevents you trying in the first place.

What can you do?

Given that conditioning and fear are the two main reasons why we stay in jobs that we hate, the solution is to overcome both of these obstacles. We can change our conditioning by recognising it for what it is, and then focussing on a different path. Get inspired about the new path you wish to take, read about others that have made the leap and not self-combusted on the way. There are millions of things that you can do, so why stick with the one thing that you know you don’t want to do?

Fear, or a False Expectation About Reality, is all in the head. A good way of reducing the fear that you may have with a possible job move is to work out a contingency plan. If it all goes pear-shaped (which is the fear part) then what would you do instead? If you have a cast-iron safety net in place, then it makes the leap of faith a little easier.

Remember that it’s your life, however you choose to spend it, and it goes by all of the time. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just stuff, and it ‘s surely better to do the stuff that you want to do.

So, when are you going to do something about it?



6 responses to “I Hate My Job, But I’ll Do Something About It Next Year

  1. in this economy, we are constantly told to stay loyal even if the company is not loyal to us. They can laid us off any time they want without any regard..

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