My Life in Numbers

Inside of me is a number nerd that loves to look at statistics and gain some kind of clarity to life. I love the rationalisation of something that appears to be completely random, and given that my life right now is as flexible as a Chinese gymnast, I think it needs some kind of structure buried right in the middle of it.

So, I’m now going to endeavour to carve out some kind of plan for my daily routine, and then attempt to stick to it. I discussed last week, in this post, about the significance of a daily routine, and why I think it to be so important especially for creativity, and below is my attempt at a realistic target.

I have been influenced by this great post from Marissa Meuer who completed a similar exercise.


Promotion (this includes Social Media and Blog)

Writing (this includes editing and any other book stuff)

Reading (because I need to prioritise a time slot to read more)

Other Business (my coaching business)



Daily Slots

Morning 9am – 12pm (3 hours)

Afternoon 12:30pm – 2:30pm (2 hours)

Evening 8:00pm – 22:00pm (4 hours)


All in all this makes up 9 hours available for work every day. The gaps are due to Home-Life. I like to take the kids to school in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. I then want to have family time until they go to bed. I’ve also decadently given myself half an hour for lunch.

I’m not the best of people first thing in the morning, so I think maybe the first hour of the day is spent with a coffee looking through Twitter, and then writing a blog. Come to think of it, I’d better leave an hour and a half for that.

I then want to crack on with writing, I have used word targets in the past, and although they focus you on getting enough done, you can then stop early on a productive day when really you should be ploughing onwards and making the most of it. A time limit and a minimum word count should work. I have three and a half hours in the afternoon session which has been my most creative period of the day so far, and I want to produce at least three thousand words a day. (First draft only)

The evening session can then be used for making the daily word count if not reached in the afternoon, and then prioritising reading over any other distractions.

Amongst all of this there will be days when I need to dedicate time to my other coaching business. This will be on an ‘as and when’ basis, and I will still try to keep to my daily word target, if possible.

The daily word target will roll into a weekly word target, and so the target for the week will be at least 15,000 words. This means that if this has not been achieved by Friday night, then I’ll be putting in overtime at the weekend.

So, what does this all look like:

09:00am – 10:30am           Twitter and Blog (1.5 hours)

10:30am – 02:30pm           Writing (3.5 hours)

02:30pm – 08:00pm          Family Time (5.5 hours)

08:00pm – 22:00pm          Additional Writing and Reading (4 hours)

Word targets

Daily     3,000 words

Weekly 15,000 words

1st draft completed for approx. 90,000 words in 6 weeks


I’d be interested in peoples comments about this, especially compared with other writers, and whether this looks too optimistic.




3 responses to “My Life in Numbers

  1. Very ambitious. I don’t have a fixed structure to work with other than the fact that I’m a morning person and therefore most productive and creative then. So I write or edit as much as I can before lunch 😉

    • I guess I’ll find out how ambitious it is. 🙂 I always seem to plan for disappointment. I’m the same as you in terms of morning being better… but just not too early in the morning.

      thanks for your comment


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