How to Make a Success of Self-Publishing

As self-published books become more and more successful, is there a common strategy or process to follow to enhance your chances of success?

Authors are beginning to sell eBooks in the thousands, even millions in some cases, there are self-published books on the New York Times bestsellers list. Kindles and other eReaders are becoming increasingly popular, and reading habits are definitely changing.

Instead of devices damaging the literary world, they are actually making people read more because a whole new market can now read wherever they are. The bedtime readers are now reading on the bus, in the playground, and even at the shops.


As the amount of books read increase, then obviously more books will be sold, and the type of books that will be sold will not come from Waterstones and other bookshops. No, instead these books will be purchased from Amazon etc, where traditional books and self-published books stand next to each other with no differential.

So, if the number of eBooks being sold is increasing then how do we make sure that our books are at the races?

The Quality of the Book

It is incredibly important to produce a good book. Quality will always rise to the top because of recommendations, reviews, and general noise. This means using editors and proofreaders. But there’s another factor that’s important with quality as well. It must appear to be a quality book.

Remember your book is stood next to a book from Penguin or HarperCollins so it needs to look like a proper book. None of this shoddy cover business; it has to have a proper cover that fits in with it’s genre.

Also, the blurb description needs to be on the money, and the price needs to reflect the quality of the product.

Quantity is Quality

I heard the phrase ‘Quantity is Quality’ recently and thought how odd that sounded; after all the two types of output are usually polar opposites. But with books this makes sense.

Firstly, the more books you pen the better they will become as the quality of your writing improves. Secondly, the more books you write the more books you have to sell to readers who have liked one of your books. You have progression for them, and one of the oldest rules of marketing is to sell to your existing customers first.


There are a number of different marketing strategies that have worked regarding pricing, platform, promotion; and a good source for different approaches are at either The Book Designer or The Creative Penn each discussing ideas that have worked in the past.

How have you found self-publishing so far, and what are your opinions of self-published books?


What d'you think?

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