The Promise from this Blog

I think it’s important to state what you can expect from a blog, especially when I expect people to give up a bit of their day to read it. It’s been going now for a fortnight, and I’d like to thank those that have commented so far, but it’s now time to bring a little uncreative structure to the venture.

This is primarily a blog that will concentrate on my writing, and chart my progress from coffee shop hobbyist to International Bestselling Author. I will include the good days and the bad days, and all of the worries and knock backs in between.

Below are the categories that I promise to write about:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Productivity
  • Self-Publishing
  • The Great Corporate Escape
  • The Real Michael J Holley

The top four of these are self-explanatory; The Great Corporate Escape is the name of the first book I will publish; and the real Michael J Holley will be a fictional story of my alter ego which will describe the dream life I have as a writer.

As for which days I will write on which topic, I will keep this flexible except for the alter ego bit which I will make in to a Fictional Friday treat. I will attempt to write five posts a week but every now and again I may miss a day. This will not be through any fault of my own, but instead due to my unavoidable interaction with people.

I’m a new member of the writing community, and this blog will hopefully be helpful, supportive, or just a nice place to reminisce, for other members of the said community. But the Fictional Friday bit is for everyone, especially those of you that know me intimately and want to read my blog but can’t help being bored by my incessant banging on about writing.

So, this is my promise to you. It’s not really a constitution or any kind of manifesto, and I withhold the right to change it all tomorrow if I so wish, but it’s a good reflection of my intent. Of course, if there is something else that you’re interested in knowing about my life then just ask.


2 responses to “The Promise from this Blog

  1. Best wishes in your writing endeavor. I can’t wait to see your first book on the newsstands 🙂

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