10 writing tips for when the Queen comes to visit

The Queen visited the town where I live today, and for those of you who aren’t British, I am referring to our Monarch not a really famous homosexual.

One of my biggest problems is finding the time to write when there are other, more interesting, things happening. I don’t want to miss out on any life going by but I also want to write lots of books and become a successful writer. This is a conflict, and one that I struggle with constantly.

I’m not a massive Royalist but this summer has seen my affections increase for ‘old Lizzie’, and with the kids on holiday as well, we decided to turn up to see what it was like. To cut a long story short; there were thousands of people, we saw a glimpse of an old lady walking on to a boat, and then we left.

Ideal Life

However, this clearly life-changing event, has made me think about the ideal balance to life. Surely, if you were carving out the perfect life then it would undoubtedly include the flexibility to fit work around such events. You would want to be able to involve yourself in anything that interested you, and spend the rest of your time doing the thing you love.

The problem occurs when there are too many other things that you don’t want to miss out on, and you soon realise that you’re constantly fitting your writing around the edges of your day.

The Fix

This should not be a problem. Seriously, if this is a problem then it’s time for me to look over the fence at someone else’s life. Writers write, so it stands to reason that the internet is filled with writers expressing their dilemmas and conflicts, but in the bigger picture… this is a good life.

Writers can make up stories, daydream, entertain, upset, ridicule, praise; and they can do all of this from the comfort of some writing device anywhere in the world. It must be one of the most flexible careers you could have. So, what on earth am I talking about?

I’m now saying that it’s too flexible… geez. Enough of this, here are ten pieces of advice for my own whinging self.

  1. Man up, and get on with it
  2. Work still involves the ‘W-word’ even if you do love it
  3. Discipline
  4. Writing targets
  5. Listen to my own advice about creating a good writing habit
  6. Get up earlier
  7. Make hay when the sun shines
  8. Plan the events in advance when you’re not going to be writing
  9. Enjoy it all, and stop moaning
  10. Remember your old, monotonous life

Good, I think that just about does it.

Please feel free to abuse me in the comments, and share it around to further my humiliation. I’m off now to get on with some writing, stop distracting me.


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