Why we should get behind the Olympics?

As per usual in the British press there are a fair amount of negative headlines that are being written in the build up to the Olympics. The constant nagging and moaning that our world is not perfect seems to sell more newspapers than the pleasurable spreading of sweetness and light.

I’ve had enough of it, and surely if I feel this way then there must be others. Why can’t we be ecstatically happy that The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to our shores. The Olympics is special. There are some other great global sporting events; the Football World Cup, the Champions League, the majors in Tennis and Golf, the Ashes, the Rugby World Cup and six nations, but there is only one Olympics.

It’s The Olympics

Seriously, everyone remembers moments from the Olympics. It doesn’t matter if you like sport or not, there are always a range of emotions on display that cannot fail to resonate with all human beings who have blood in their veins. They show the pinnacle of a persons whole existence up to that point, we are privileged to watch as they achieve their dreams, or desperately fail.

So, what is it that the British press decide to concentrate on in the build up to this wonderful climax of human development… Public transport and security.

It reminds me of the type of conversation you get at a wedding when two people are joining together, hopefully for the rest of their lives, and a chap talks to you for an hour about which roads he travelled on to get there. It just misses the point of the whole thing.


We should embrace the event because for most of us this is the only time we will ever get a chance to experience it. Did anyone expect to put on a show the size of the biggest show on earth, and not notice a slight disruption to the routine. When it was held in Beijing, families were moved from their homes, people just disappeared, and locals were pretty much banned from any area that paraded the Olympic rings. It’s not that bad in good ol’ Blighty.

Come on Britain, this is our chance to shine. Do we really want to be shown as a bunch of whingers, or instead a country full of people that can get through a small amount of adversity and still wear a smile?


What d'you think?

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