The Pursuit of Loneliness

You know what it’s like… you have all of these people in your life, and it should be the greatest thing on earth, to spend every minute of the day with them. BUT, you still have that thing you have to do, and if you could only be by yourself for a few hours then you’d nail it.

As the trend continues for people to work more, and more, at home; there is a growing need to find a little spot of loneliness. Somewhere that you can escape to, without distraction or too many people.

The Search

I’ve had to find such a place this week, and in fact I am writing this blog post there right now, but as I live on the Isle of Wight, and more specifically Cowes, this is harder than it should be, really. When I’ve lived in cities there is an abundance of little hideaways that can conceal you for half a day, but as the buildings thin out, so does the opportunity to escape.

In a writers fantasy world you would assume that you could write on one of the many beaches that we have here, or even under a tree in the corner of a field, but actually in practice these options are messy, uncomfortable and full of distraction. Coffee shops are great for an hour or so, but if you spend any longer than that, then you drink far too much coffee and end up buzzing out of the door as you count the loose change in your pocket.

A library is the writer’s last resort; the fortress of fiction; the palace of prose; the nook of novels; but unfortunately the Cowes library is one of the old Victorian village libraries, which consists of one room with books around the edges.

The Discovery

Alas, I have finally found my sanctuary for the summer. The library in Newport should do very nicely, as it’s only a bike ride away and there is absolutely nothing here to distract me. I plan on spending at least one day, if not two, here each week.

I don’t know why I thought you might like to know this, but I guess that a lot of people must have the same type of problem when trying to find somewhere to work. I’d love to hear of any that you may have, and especially any interesting, creative places that have not only provided sanctuary, but also inspired as well. Let me know.


3 responses to “The Pursuit of Loneliness

  1. I read that by getting up an hour earlier, your very own home can become a reclaimed oasis of solitude. Alas this only lasted until my sin realised that daddy was getting up at 6am! Now i get up at 6am to watch cartoons with my son. Its not so bad 🙂

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