7 Ways to Survive the School Holidays

Although I’ve changed my life completely, and enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family; when the school holidays loom my productivity radar starts flashing red. The problem is that however much you want to do great things with the family, you still have to get some work done as well.

“No, I can’t play Lego at the moment, Daddy has to work, remember?”

“What do you mean, you don’t want to watch that DVD any longer? But there’s still an hour and a half remaining.”

You know the score.

This quandary exists for anyone that works from home. So, I have trawled the internet to summarise the top 7 tips for surviving the holidays, so that we can all benefit.

The Magnificent Seven

  1. Plan and Organise – Whatever else you’re going to do this summer, you need to be on top of things. Priority number 1 is to know your schedule, and plan what you need to do, and when.
  2. Simplify – Don’t over-burden yourself by piling too much on the to-do list. This is a different time, and you need to simplify accordingly. Having an unrealistic list is only going to add to the stress, and increase the feeling of failure.
  3. Escape – Get out of there! Organise for someone else to look after the children while you get away to a safe-house somewhere else. That way you can return at a set-time and know that you definitely have a set block of hours to yourself.
  4. Time Flexibility – It’s the holidays, so you’re going to have to do things slightly differently. Start work early, and get a couple of hours in before everyone’s woken up; or work in the evenings when the house is quiet and calm again.
  5. Place Flexibility – Same as different times of the day, you might need to think of where you work during the day as well. If it’s sunny, then how about working in the garden while the kids are playing; or maybe even bringing some of their quiet toys into your workspace so that you can all ‘work’ together.
  6. Activities – If there are any holiday clubs, or activity groups, that happen locally, then this is great for setting aside definite time slots to concentrate on work.
  7. Exercise – When you exercise, your mind is rested, and you also have time to yourself to think. It is proven that exercise reduces stress and any build-up of tension, so you are then better equipped to deal with it all the next day.

This appears to be the best advice on offer, but like everyone else, I will be desperately trying to stick to them and get through to the other side without killing anyone, or running away. Obviously, I will let you know here first if either of these happen.

I’m interested to know if there are any other tips, or funny anecdotes that anyone wants to share.


3 responses to “7 Ways to Survive the School Holidays

  1. Good list Mike. From this I’m sensing you are looking after the kids rather than just being in the house with them? When I work from home I’ve found it’s important to have my own space and make sure it’s respected. I have a study (under the stairs lol!) and shut the door when I’m in work mode. If I hear Charlotte going for her nap, etc I’ll open the door but otherwise she knows if I’m on my ‘pooter’ that she needs to be elsewhere. Originally thought being on laptop in lounge would be good – disaster lol!

  2. Mike, what good stuff……..how you’ve developed since that day in my front room when the A level results came out! I’ll be following your journey in future! You’ve got good advice here, even for a Baby Boomer like me. All the best. Mrs R-C xx

  3. Thanks Mrs R-C. That means a lot. I hope that you and Ed are well, and making the most of life. xx

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