My Dream, and Other Secrets

How have I faired so far, and what do I have that’s planned to come? Well it was about two years ago that I decided that I wanted a different life, and this new blog is the launch of my next phase of attack. This blog will be much more personal, as it follows me on my quest to become an author, and truly establish a different way of life. It will be honest, transparent, and encourage much more sharing.

For anyone that doesn’t know me, here’s a brief summary of what’s happened so far.

  • I had fallen in to the grown-up trap from university of getting a job to pay the bills. I became an Accountant, and very soon afterwards realised that it wasn’t for me. Alas, this did not stop me staying there for a further twelve years.
  • I then went through a process of ‘discovering myself’, which in my case disappointingly involved reading a lot of books and soul-searching on the Internet, no sitting on mountains or sweat lodges for me. I went through a lot of information which helped me to gradually form my dream.
  • A year ago I left my safe, well paid, corporate role and risked everything on creating the ‘Life of my Dreams’. Part of which was to relocate, with my family, to the Isle of Wight; and next to live the life of a writer.

The Dream

My dream life is so far away from the life that I had, that it’s taken me a year to finally get used to telling other people about it, without feeling embarrassed or naive. But here goes:

  • I want to be a bestselling writer, both fiction and non-fiction
  • I want to be successful and go on book tours etc
  • I want my books to be made into films
  • I want to make people laugh, and forget their troubles for a while
  • I want to help people to make positive change in their lives
  • I want to motivate others to make a change
  • I want to be a good husband, dad, and son, to the people that I love the most

All of this is achievable and I’ve already made progress on most of these. In the last year I have been like a swan; from the surface I’ve been appearing calm and relaxed (notice I didn’t go as far as graceful) but underneath I’ve been super busy preparing.


  • I have written two novels to a 2nd draft stage, or in other words I’ve written two books to a point of actually giving them to other people
  • I have drafted a non-fiction book that aims to give practical advice to people to change their lives
  • I have created a coaching company that is already helping clients to make positive changes to their lives (see my clear lantern website for more on this)
  • I have created a blog for clear lantern, here
  • I’ve also managed to stay married through this as well

So, I’m now ready to start this blog which is going to concentrate specifically on my writing career and all of the good times (and bad times) that are yet to come. I’ve also created a Twitter account and a Facebook Fan-page so that people can follow my journey in real time. I promise to be amusing, but not too much per day, and I promise to share things that I find interesting mainly around writing.

I plan to self-publish this year, and want all three books out there by Christmas. The publishing world is being turned on its head at the moment, and I feel that this is a great time to be a writer. Traditional rules are being broken and new rules are being created every day, and I want to be a part of it.

Please come along with me, and I’ll make it worth your while.


5 responses to “My Dream, and Other Secrets

  1. Martin Foster

    It takes great courage to make the life change that you have embarked on Mike. I for one was very surprised by this when you first announced your plan and then followed it through. Look forward to reading your blog and following your progress. If ever there was somebody destined to make a success of this, it is you, on every count against the ambitions you have shared here. Good luck and look forward to be entertained on here!
    Martin F

  2. go for it Mike! look forward to following your progress. the publishing world is a strange one and as far as i can see a writers success is alot more to do with your self belief than having a big publishing contract. believe in yourself and live your dream!

  3. This is really great 🙂

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